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Purchasing Process

How much do I need?

In addition to the purchase price of the property, other miscellaneous fees including consumption taxes and brokerage fee will be necessary. The total of such costs will be about (10%-15%) of the total amount depending on case. Below is showing an example of buying 100 million yen property (building and land).


Type of cost AmountNote Paid
Price (bldg+land) ¥100,000,000 Step5 (A)
ConsumptionTax ¥6,000,000 10% of building price
Sum ¥106,000,000
Brokerage Fee ¥3,000,000 Step4 and 5 3% of (A)
ConsumptionTax ¥300,000
Sum ¥3,300,000
Stamp Duty ¥30,000 Step4 in case the price is (A)

※ "Stamp duty" changeable depends on purchasing price from ¥200 to ¥600,000.

Registration tax (land) ¥420,000 Step5 1.5% of "Official evaluated Price"
Registration tax (bldg) ¥600,000 2% of "Official evaluated Price"
Sum ¥1,020,000

※ "Official evaluated Price" is on "Official Certification (評価証明書)" which is issued to the property owner from Tax office.

Real-estate acquisition tax (land) ¥420,000 After Step5 3%-4% of "Official evaluated Price"
Real-estate acquisition tax (bldg) ¥900,000 3% of "Official evaluated Price"
Sum ¥1,320,000
Judicial-scrivener Fee ¥200,000 Step5 Average price (changeable in case)
Mortgage Settlement tax If possible Step5 0.4% of "Mortgage Amount"
Loan-financing Charge * *changeable in case
Total ¥111,870,000
Cost 13% of Purchase Price (A) in this case

※Note: This is showing just an example. We can not guarantee your cost in any case.
※Note: if you need "Asset Manager, Property Manager" and others, you need other fees to them.
※Note: Usually when the "delivery" timing, Seller and Buyer settle "City Planning Tax" and "Property Tax" based on the period-time they own the property.