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Nomura Real Estate Group

International Sales Department

Our member of whole sale staff in Japan cover relationship with thousands of clients and our retail section have many branches allowing us to directly absorb new information on day to day basis.

Nomura Real Estate Solutions's International Sales Department have networks in East and South-east Asia.
We provide consulting to clients interested in investing in Japan.
We also employ diverse multi-lingual staff at our Tokyo head office in order to support our –English and Chinese speaking clients.
In addition to the services offered by Nomura Real Estate Group, we can also arrange Licensors, Law Firms, Accountants, etc. and assist clients in making a successful investment in Japan.

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Our Service

–Brokerage, Consulting, and Arranging –

Main stakeholders
Business Model

We work side by side with our foreign and overseas customers, providing custom-build service at every stage of Japanese property transaction..

CRE Services & Solutions

We have offices in major cities in Japan and respond to demands of the real estate industry for investment and business throughout Japan. In particular, at our headquarters in Tokyo, over 200 agents work diligently to meet the real estate needs of major domestic companies and High Net Worth individuals.

Main Service Menu

・Real Estate Agency services for investment or business

・Support and consultation for real estate utilization and increasing value

・Consulting for Real estate development (rebuilding, equal exchange and remodeling)

・Consulting and arranging for Property / Building management

・Real estate appraisal, due diligence

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Our Strength

Collaboration with Nomura Securities

We collaborate with Nomura Securities in Japan and as well as other Asian countries. Nomura is an Asia-headquartered financial services group with an integrated global network spanning over 30 countries. We work hand-in-hand to offer prime investment opportunities to clients.


Experience and Achievements in Japan

We have over 60 years of experience specializing in urban development, building development, and residential development in Japan and abroad.
Additionally, we have been operating our real estate brokerage business since its foundation, and currently (as of March 2021), it is ranked in the top five major Japanese real estate brokerage companies.
Especially, we are one of the most active agency for transacting investment and commercial properties. We will leverage this extensive experience and achievements to provide service that meet our client's needs and expectations.
(*Source: Sales rankings of Major Japanese domestic Real Estate brokerages)

Sales rankings of Major Japanese domestic Real Estate brokerages

trading name
trading volume (million YEN)
Intermediation number
Fee income (million YEN)
1 Company A 1,563,891 38,507 76,771
2 Company B 1,241,023 35,122 62,358
3 Company C 1,226,485 25,635 57,899
4 Nomura Real Estate Group 893,423 9,322 34,718
5 Company D 412,462 7,202 17,475
6 Company E 369,778 3,601 15,156
7 Company F 353,360 4,307 14,738
8 Company G 293,482 7,232 13,387
9 Company H 260,240 932 7,368
10 Company I 234,596 8,079 11,144
11 Company J 214,252 6,102 10,433
12 Company K 169,981 4,062 7,085
13 Company L 158,436 5,509 6,985
14 Company M 152,438 4,192 6,472
15 Company N 143,044 3,579 5,978


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Nomura Real Estate Group

Nomura Real Estate Group is comprised of Nomura Real Estate Development and other Group companies,
and operates in Residential Development, Leasing, Investment Management, the Property Brokerage & CRE Business,
and Property & Facility Management.

Nomura Real Estate Group’s Five Main Businesses

Development sector

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Service & Management Sector

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-Business Overview-

Our Mission: To create new value in the real estate business.
Nomura Real Estate Development expands the possibilities of the real estate business within the following business areas: residential
development, offices, retail facilities & hotels, logistics facilities, corporate real estate (CRE) and brokerage.

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PROUD – Nomura’s very own urban condominium brand representing our company and other brands that are widely developed in urban area around Tokyo and other major cities in Japan.

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Shinjuku Nomura Building, the Nihonbashi-Muromachi Building, and the Yokohama Nomura Building are our flagship buildings in the metropolitan area. PMO - Premium Midsize Office – this series is offered mainly in central Tokyo.

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Retail facilities and Hotels

In addition to our large commercial building, YUITO - the Nihonbashi -Muromachi Building -, we also operate other large-scale commercial facilities in the vicinity and throughout Tokyo. The GEMS series are urban style buildings which feature a fine-dining experience.

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Logistics Facilities

LANDPORT - our logistics facilities brand - makes developments and operates nation-wide throughout Japan.

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Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and Brokerage

Utilizing our extensive experience as a developer, we offer a wide range of services including consulting for CRE strategy and real estate brokerage services.

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Services for High Net Worth Individuals

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Our group company, Nomura Real Estate Solutions, has many branches all over the Tokyo metro area, Kansai urban area, Nagoya urban area, and offers services to clients looking for residential real estate.

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Especially in central Tokyo, they manage significant number of luxury premium condominiums. Our companies have excellent synergy as we collaborate with each other and introduce clientele to sophisticated luxury condominiums.

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